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A little history…         

Following many years of experience in making yacht sails and custom fabric structures at our Sail Loft in Wareham, Dorset. Kemp Sails have devised the most comprehensive range of Shade Sail Designs and 3D Garden 'Hypers'.

We are very happy to quote bespoke sails and sizes - please see the measuring page and contact us for further details.

Shade Sails were developed in Australia over 25 years ago to provide versatile protection against the sun's harmful UV rays and they have proved so successful that they are now becoming mandatory for schools and childcare facilities.

ImageEssentially, a 'Shade Sail' is a non-permanent fabric membrane that is held up by fixings on poles or attached to a building, in a horizontal or angled manner. Usually Shade Sails are flat, i.e. 2 dimensional, although they can have some twist in them by placing the fixings at different heights. 3 dimensional fabric structures can be created - although these often require more tension and stronger fixings. Kemp Sails have a range of 3D Shades called 'Hypers'. The fixings for Hypers are at varied and specified height levels.

ImageShade Sails are increasingly appearing in many other areas as functional ‘shade solutions’, and with the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces coming in to force in the UK on July 1st 2007, Shade Sails often provide the ideal solution for accommodating smokers, as they fulfil the legal requirements of having more than 50% of wall space open to the elements.

ImageWe build our Sails to the same standards we build our yacht sails to, some of which have completed tens of thousands of miles in very strong winds, so think strong and secure! All our Shade Sails and Hypers have strong webbing edges, that are sewn down and encapsulated within a binding. The webbing runs along the edges to strong 25mm Stainless Steel welded rings that are set into each corner.

Shade Sails are simple yet visually striking and provide up to 96% UV protection: lightweight, contemporary and elegant, the shapes are a departure from traditional garden awnings and have been specifically designed to meet the needs presented by the UK weather in modern outdoor design (although there are some important considerations to make – see below). Shade Sails provide a focal point for entertaining or relaxing, or add a sculptural yet practical feature to add to just about any residential or commercial setting.


First of all...

There are a few fundamental considerations to make in choosing to erect a Shade Sail, in no particular order:

1. Function - Shade Sails are designed and sold as semi-permanent structures at best, hence whereas solid structures require planning permission, building regulations and therefore must be designed for the prevailing elements including Snow loads, storms etc.  domestic Shade Sails are not. Essentially, they are intended to survive the moderate wind and weather conditions of the summer season. However, as we well know this doesn’t preclude some occasionally rough weather.

2. Anchorages - By 'anchorage' we mean the mounting point that your Shade Sail fixing is attached to. You should have firm anchorage points for all corners of your Shade Sail, as these can potentially be the weak point. The fixings used to connect the Shade Sail to the anchorage points should ideally allow for tension to be applied. On triangular shapes, one corner can be fixed, but ideally all corners should have an adjustable link - see the fixings page for details.

Image Image Image
 3. Site - How exposed is the area you are considering? If you are at the top of a valley that funnels the wind and want to place a 5m square Shade up, we would try and dissuade you, as no matter how sturdy your fixings, 25 square metres of Shade Sail can gain a great deal of lift! Also, consider the locations of barbecues, the direction of the sun, electrical/telephone cables, and water pipes before you begin to plan your anchorages.

4. Design - We believe our range is now the most comprehensive available in the UK, so there should be a Shade or Shades to fit any situation: if you need a bespoke designed Shade Sail we are happy to oblige, see the designing page, although there will be a design fee.

5. Fabric - Do you want a Shade that will perform as a water resistant shelter, or would you prefer a very low maintenance mesh that will still cut out up to 90% of the suns rays? See the fabrics page for more information on the materials available. Each fabric comes in a range of colourways that should suit any setting. 
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The shade sail arrived yesterday and we put it up last night. It is wonderful and is holding off the rain most admirably today – I … read more
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We have finally re-erected our garden parasol today and unwrapped the cover that your company has made. We are very pleased with the … read more
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It worked out perfectly … read more
Gary (in Brazil)
"Hi....Sail shade installed, great success, great fit. Had slight dodgy moment initially, but realised I was erecting it upside down!!!
Very … read more

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