If you are ‘in the trade’ and would like to incorporate Shade Sails within part of a design proposal or project, then we have all the knowledge and expertise to help you along the way, from design concepts, to fitting your shade correctly. Please feel free to call us and discuss it.  Shade Sails can add a dynamic aspect and a exciting feature to your project as well and bringing valuable and additional incremental business.

We can guide you to help achieve the best possible fit, and one that is both aesthetically striking and functional. With careful planning we can enhance your project and ensure many years of service.

We can help with:-

  • Design & Function.
  • Fabric choice and specification, Including such options as Tenara (Ultra UV stable thread) upgrade.
  • Relevant specification advice, i.e. If the shade should be Heavy Duty (wire edged) or a more Standard (webbed edge) construction.
  • Suitable fixings for tensioning, security and/or easy removal.
  • Advice on suitable posts, or fixing to new or existing structures.

Our shade sails are a blend of contemporary design and high quality manufacturing and use a combination of specialist shade materials and technology all gleaned from our many years of yacht sail construction. Our approach to the shade sails is very similar to that of the yacht sails; build the best possible product backed up with the very highest levels of customer service.

As an example, the fittings ropes, wire and webbing reinforcements we use on our shades are equally at home on a sailing yacht circumnavigating the world. We aim to bring a little of the ocean into every outside space!

With Indoor applications, our FR rated fabrics work extremely well inside conservatories, atriums, offices and restaurants.

Both our standard designed Shade Sails and our Bespoke designed Shade products have become extremely popular in providing the answer to our clients’ various shade protection problems, because of their practicality, sun protection and especially their visual impact. They could do the same for your business!!

We would welcome your contact and be happy to discuss ways in which our companies can work together. At the same time, we are always happy to provide an indication of the cost involved for the inclusion of a Shade for any specific project on which you may be working.